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  A kid’s dream. A retired legend. The adventure of a lifetime.

A Family-Friendly Film


LOGLINE: Scheming to meet their favorite martial artists, four country tweenagers rope a retired martial arts champion into coaching them to compete in the celebrity tournament.

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A new, chaotically-tangled psychiatric practice

TEMPORARY INSANITY - sitcom pilot - completed

Created by award-winning Writer/Director, Scott Seargeant

LOGLINE: A young psychiatrist must let her employees go or face bankruptcy. She gets an idea to hire her patients to work for her in exchange for free therapy. The result is pure comedic chaos.  

For more information Contact: Scott Seargeant (310) 752-6595

About Us

Scott Seargeant - CEO


 Scott Seargeant is an award-winning writer, director, and producer. 

Scott is the originator, creator, mastermind, and founder of Revolier Films. Scott started Revolier Films in 2014 and immediately received awards and recognition for his short films, The Fallen and The Thank You. Scott is an eclectic and an electrifying storyteller. His mind converges life situations and current, timely events into full-blown TV shows, books, plays, features and enchanting and compelling scripts. A few of his works include screenplays, Flashlight, Subconscious, Z Survive, and Well-Being and the acclaimed multi-media, multi-language webisode, The Alien which garnered millions of followers internationally right out of the gate. His latest endeavor, the crisp, clever, and hilarious sitcom Temporary Insanity, already has a huge fan base following.

Scott is a renowned author, and the first person to publish a book (Allergy-Free Living) on allergies caused by plants and plants that are allergy free. This book is now the “go to” book and the “global guide” to Allergy-Free Living.

Scott developed a humanistic, grassroots approach to marketing his book. His human-interest marketing strategy went viral and made it in over 100 newspapers across the U.S. and Canada, (including the San Francisco Chronical). Scott appeared on countless radio talk shows and interviews. He was featured in 12 major magazines, including The Family Circle and the medical journal, Allergy & Immunology.

His book was an international hit and is used in conferences in England and Pakistan. Amazingly the entire PR campaign cost less than $200. “I realize how important the message is when selling a product or informing an audience,” Scott said.  

Scott Seargeant is also an International Arborist. His work has led him across the US, Canada, and Mexico solving complex outdoor environmental issues. He graduated from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, Ca. with a B.S. degree.

Scott is also an accomplished songwriter having written songs for several independent movies.

The book fame and his background, skill, and talent brought his expertise forward as he hosted Central Valley Gardening. A 30-minute show on gardening tips presenting new, interesting, unknown and viable tricks to make your landscaping shine while saving time and money. The show ran for five consecutive years.

Julian Habib - President


At the young age of 24, Julian became a network executive when he co-founded MCB Network 55.4 KTBU, a broadcast television network based in Houston, Texas. MCB Network was a groundbreaking business venture as it was one of the earliest television networks created for Latinos in English in the United States. This opportunity was made possible by Texas billionaire and telecom trailblazer, Mr. Lee Cook. During that time, Julian produced hundreds of hours of television content, created and managed the network's 24hr program scheduling, sent out contracts & acquired shows, and essentially learned to run a television network from the ground up.

After leaving MCB Network, Julian ended up at one of Houston's leading Hispanic advertising agencies, Concepts in Advertising founded in 1989. After a year, Julian became Production Manager and oversaw all of the agency's commercial work, having written copy, producing and editing hundreds of television and radio spots in a Top 10 Market. Additionally, Julian developed working relationships with media buyers, station contacts, and clients with budgets upwards of $1M+ per year.

At the present time, Julian is a Los Angeles based feature film and scripted series editor, and naturally, he has now jumped headfirst into producing as well with several projects at various stages of development.

As Video on Demand and streaming services have taken a swing at traditional television networks, producing scripted content such as feature films and television shows has become Julian's new mission.

Combined with his love for the creative, Julian has the "go-get it" business attitude of creating the films and shows that he would love to work on and fervently makes them happen.

Melanie Warner - Producer, Karate Quest



                    Melanie Warner has served in the film and TV industry for nearly 30 years in production, legal and administration. After attending UCLA Film School, she started out as a casting assistant, then an executive assistant for an agent at ICM to understand how to broker talent. Then, she had a stint at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) to learn about compliance and contracts. She went on to work for Barbour Langley and worked on Cops, plus launched the world’s first 2 transactional TV shows. She was an executive assistant to Brannon Braga at Star Trek. She also worked for Ridley Scott at RSA and worked on hundreds of commercials. 

Next, she spent years at Disney studios and worked for Michael Eisner, Joe Roth, Donald DeLine, David Hoberman, Jerry Bruckheimer and many other key film executives and also in the music legal department. 

Warner was one of the first employees hired at Dreamworks SKG and worked on many projects there. She owned Warner-Kennedy productions, producing hundreds of commercials, music videos, and short films that competed in the Cannes Film Festival, Deauville Film Festival and many others.  

Warner has owned a media company for 25 years that publishes magazines and newspapers. She is a Partner and Producer on Karate Quest and will help with negotiations, financing, leveraging industry relationships, problem-solving during production, marketing and distribution of the film. 

As an actor, Melanie worked on Double Dragon over 20 years ago with Imperial Entertainment. Worked with Don “The Dragon” Wilson on that film. 

Melanie was JR’s secretary on Dallas for 2 seasons and has played many small parts as an actor plus 2 films with Oliver Stone. She has a very diverse career and has been seen “behind the curtain” from every angle. 

CD Richards - Producer


 CD began in the film industry on the set of Con Air and Volcano as the Executive Protection Agent for Nicolas Cage and Tommy Lee Jones.

In 2008, CD landed a lead role in a docu-reality pilot. He Later collaborated with producers associated with that show developing several new film and TV projects. After three years CD started his own production company, Two11 Productions.

Currently, CD is following his passion to inspire others in various realms of film. He is involved in the film industry as a producer, director, creator, and writer. Under his Two 11 production company, CD has over 20 film and TV projects in development including a Spy Novel. He is currently a Producer on Temporary Insanity.

Intellectual Property in development




Every Bright Light Casts a Dark Shadow

Genre: Sci-fi/Action

Rating: Est.  R (Expected)

Type: Feature film, estimated time 1:40

Script only.


A driven psychiatrist tests her powerful hypnotic invention on an unsuspecting subject. But when her investors plot to steal it, she finds her only ally in the man she tried to hypnotize.




A Kids Who Done It

Genre: Children/Family 

Rating:  G 

Type: Feature film, estimated time 1:30

Script only.


A gang of quirky kids form an after-school detective agency.  But when an unsolved

Jewelry heist gets reopened their meddling mischief gets them in real danger. 




It's Your Advantage When Nobody 

Knows Your Name.

Genre: Action/Drama  1 hour Spanish Novella made in America

Rating: PG-13 Viewer discretion is advised.

Type: Originally a bilingual (English/Spanish) web series, converting to a TV series or a movie trilogy.

Add-ons:  Bilingual & Subtitled (English and Spanish) The characters speak in their native

Language. Subtitles were added in English and Spanish.

Audience: English and Spanish speaking M/F 13-17; 18-24. US and Spanish speaking countries.

Three scripts completed.


A Mexican girl’s family is killed by a drug lord as the cartel prepares to

leave Mexico, so she follows them to California; bringing nothing with her but revenge




The System Lied

Genre:  Drama (based on true events)

Rating: Est. PG-13

Type: Feature film,  estimated time 1:30

Script only.


A young couple desperately tries to adopt a child. But the system preys on their  naivety and promises are broken, until the birth mother emotionally decides the fate of her own child.



 SUBCONSCIOUS (working title)

 Never underestimate the power of a conman 

Genre: Action/Drama

Setting: The original screenplay is set in New York, 1940, early summer. This may change to modern day, depending on the budget. 

Rating: Est. PG-13

Type:  Feature film, estimated time 1:30

Script only.


A young lad cons money from a brutal crime boss which leads to a deadly game of cat and mouse as they plot to kill each other.



PUNCH-LINE (working title)

 When life’s a joke, start laughing

Genre: Coming of age comedy

Setting: The original screenplay is set in New York, 1940, early summer. 

Rating: Est. PG-13

Type:  Feature film, estimated time 1:30

Script only.


A young lad cons money from a brutal crime boss which leads to a deadly game of cat and mouse as they plot to kill each other.

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